Cavinzas and Palomino Islands


Cavinzas and Palomino Islands

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Marine Reserve, life reserve

From Piura to Moquegua, The Guano Islands, Isles and Capes National Reserves System-RNSIIPG is a natural protected area considered key for the conservation and scientific research of thousands of species of the coastal marine wildlife. Integrated by 22 guano islands and isles and 11 guano capes, this reserve also assures the sustainable use of diverse hydrobiological resources for the benefit of local population, as well as the development of tourist activities such as birdwatching and sport fishing. In this group of islands are included Cavinzas and Palomino islands.

The Reserve is administrated by SERNANP, specialized technical organization assigned to the Environmental Ministry. It is job here is to preserve a representative sample of the biodiversity of the coastal and marine ecosystems of the cold sea of the Humboldt Current and to assure the continuity of the biological cycle of the species that live there.

Did you know that….?

The boarding points for Cavinzas and Palomino islands are 30 minutes from Lima, located in Callao. The marine route to visit these islands has history related to the conquest and independence of Peru. Net to the Abtao Museum is the Tourism and Environmental Promotion Module of the Province City Hall of Callao.

A Reserve of the life and development

We are a privileged country, and one great reason us that we have one of the most productive seas of the world, that besides being the habitat of hundreds of species of marine flora and fauna, has a high resilience, that is, a big capacity to recover. This rich ecosystem that RNSIIPG preserves is also an important source of sustenance for the population that is dedicated to activities related to the sea such as fishing and tourism in the coastal zone.

Cavinzas and Palomino Islands

It is composed by rocky formations where live great variety of marine wildlife which are part of the ecosystem of the cold sea of the Humboldt Current.

For being the privileged habitat of the Peruvian pelican, the Inca tern and the guanay cormorant, the Cavinzas and Palomino Islands are the ideal place for all the birdwatching lovers. While in the sea, the sea lions are who catch the attention of the tourist, by swimming and jumping around them, making an unforgettable spectacle.

How to get there

Location: Palomino is placed in front of the Constitutional Province of Callao, whit an approximately 4-hour round trip sea tour. Access: marine vessels properly prepared can be accessed from the boarding docks that are located at Miguel Grau square of Callao and in the Marina Club.

Tours: there are interesting tourism offers to access to these islands. These vessels belong to tour operators with experience in the activity whose offices are located both in Lima and Callao. The duration of the tour is approximately 4 hours, which allows better contact with nature in a safety way.

To take into account: it is recommended to keep a distance of 30 m in order to not disturb the wildlife that live there.

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Live the best adventure

In Cavinzas and Palomino islands you can enjoy activities such as birdwatching and sea mammals’ observation, fishing tasks and boat trip. And remember… You can do all these activities with a tour guide, respecting the habitat of wildlife.